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Luthansa's Virtual Postcard


Project Brief:
To develop a fully social media integrated micro site to drive bookings and create a new customer database.

Marketing Mediums used:
•    HTML email marketing
•    Radio advertising
•    SMS Marketing
•    PPC Advertising

Interactivity used:
•    Facebook Connect
•    Automated HTML
•    SMS Short Codes
•    Mobile Web pages

How it worked:
A micro site was build and used Facebook Connect as the entry mechanism. Users who allowed the Facebook connection would then be able to choose from 6 different countries to begin creating their own Lufthansa Virtual Postcard.
Once a country has been selected they are then given the option to choose from 9 images related to that country to add to their virtual postcard.
The final customization stage was to add a message which would tell their friends and families why they wanted to win the Business Class tickets.

The user is then given many different social and viral ways in which they can share their virtual postcard with their friends and families.
Each person who then clicks on their unique postcard ID would then be able to stamp the postcard.
Stamps are then collated per postcard and the number of countries that have stamped each card is registered using Facebook profile information.

Once a user helps a friend by stamping their postcard, they too are then offered the option to create their own virtual postcard which they can send.

Once a postcard has been created, depending on their location and automated email is also sent to them with a promotional coded discount for Lufthansa flights throughout the summer.

A full customer database is built using the Facebook Connect integration that can then be used for further marketing initiatives.

The micro site registration also had a mobile detection function which allowed any user who was sent the link via mobile, to enter their email ID so that we could send them an automated email with instructions on how to participate.

Interactive short code were also used to provide radio listeners to send in the word POSTCARD and their EMAIL ID to a 4 digit number to be sent information and instructions on how to enter.

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